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He finishes off her sentences. The ones she leaves hanging in the air.
A comfortable silence ensues and they use the floor space without stepping on each other’s toes.
Words said and unsaid hang around, then drop to the floor silently.
Drapes are pulled aside letting the shimmering grains of sun, slant across into the room.
He picks up the paper, scans the headlines and tosses it on the table. Nothing sustains his interest for long.
She picks up her crocheting, lacing in the knots and crosses, lost in thought.
Two bodies, one house and two minds wrapped up in their own celluloid flashbacks and time spent, counting minutes and then not counting at all.
Days and nights pass on.
The breath that sustains is comforting to each other and a solace as the days go by…


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The closed room, a whirring fan spinning tepid air in a circle first, then into a whirlwind as the hot air rises up from haranguing humans. I am zoning in and out, the mind processing some and letting go few notes which seemed to collide with the solid walls that has boxed us in.

I watch in lazy fascination the boomerang of syllables falling in a pile on the table in front of us. So many words, so many thoughts exploding like projectiles, then gathering on the floor like hailstones, a few feathers here and there among them maybe.

I was taken gently by my thoughts, leading me away from the cacophony; and they opened the windows to that effulgent being who had stoked my imagination, cavorting dangerously with my mind, guiding me on to the path that few may have walked- before me.

Forces beyond me draped them lovingly around me, warming my soul and smiling blithely in its shade. I knew it was transient and as all spells are, they would get wiped out by reality.

Such is the power of a thought; it takes one through the journey, engulfing one in its simplicity and assuring one that matters of the heart are as light as a feather when allowed to settle in, while unsettling the equanimity.

It was the most beautiful feeling- one that can be wished upon the living in all its brilliance. Those too eventually will fall in a heap without diminishing their essence.

They make me smile even when the air is stale and has distanced me from the rest of the people who are there – making a sound that I see but don’t hear.

The room had fallen quiet and I hadn’t noticed.

They were looking at me and waiting for an answer. I don’t seem to have one.

I was re-living my cherished moments in the wrong place, at odd times…

In silence…

Faraway Places

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A lone figure silhouetted against the setting sun. She seemed oblivious to changes in time.

The sky changing from burnt sienna to blood red had riveted her attention. It was as if time stood still. Her gaze steady. Her mind averred to who she was and her thoughts miles away in faraway places.

She knew she was alive in the moment, in the lap of nature where she felt most at home.

An observer would have imagined it a figure carved in stone and placed there by a gentle sculptor not knowing she would be so much part of the vista painted on the canvas.

There was an inner peace that settled over her body, mind and soul. She was in a happy place.

Just as the birds in formation flew over her- as if to remind her it was time to go home, she snapped out of her reverie and stood up. Her lithe form bowed gracefully to the beautiful theatre in front of her. Her flowing clothes swished behind her as she walked down the rocky surface barefoot, feeling the earth.

A lone figure who appeared and disappeared with fluidity and ease with no encumbrances in its way.

She was whole!


September Skies

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August had just passed and the blooming tree with its myriad birds had turned a shade redder. September rains lashed through the countryside and my favorite pastime seemed watching the aftermath. A cleansing ritual.

The magic of September was yet to be unleashed in all its strength, as I waited in anticipation for the skies to open into an orchestra. Night rains lent the Allegro.

Somewhere the horizon faded into the landscape briefly and before I knew it the crescendo of the sun was played out in full swing.

Enthralled, in amazement I watched as the sky lit into fire. Every cloud burnt in its own embers and every melting wisp of vapor led one to a dance of passion.

Had I known this would be the way I felt, as I stepped in with the trepidation of a child on stage, I would have been prepared. Being swept away in a current of fire and shared symphony was not what I thought I would encounter.

There I was standing – naked in thoughts, engulfed by the sweetest lessons life could ever teach me.

Gratitude would not suffice. Neither will my lips say the words but burn deep into my soul, carving the name, as never touched before- it seemed the best surrender.

‘Become who you are,’ it whispered in my ears gently.

Had I waited any longer death was imminent not to the self but to my spirits. It was destined in the skies that burning out was not the way it would end but lighting the fire to brilliance and watching it in awe. Maybe my love and deep threads of nature reached out to the soul; that saw past it all and wanted a part of it, in its journey

September skies will live on in memories. It was simply ‘meant to be’.

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End of times as we see it and a new beginning far away in the distant hills, one with nature where nothing gets distorted and everything is as it seems; where love with nature is uncomplicated with unlimited boundaries. No picket fences holding the sublime thoughts.
The stillness in that quietude is in harmony with the distant skies and the sea in its turquoise blue, beckoning the soul. How can I wish upon you those beauteous thoughts that will carry you through your moments in harmony, hoping the gentleness of life holds you in its embrace.
Let there be no more anonymous influence as you find yourself yet again while you wait patiently for tides to crash and retreat. If i could be just that one wave that could crash- engulfing and sweeping you away into a destiny that could be cherished then I would. I would sprinkle stars in your way. But since it is written in the sky that there is no wishing star and that it cannot be expunged as easily I smile and say farewell to those dreams and to you…


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Nestling, among the cotton fields; their white wispy strands floating around caressing her gentle soul, she lay down to rest- her sun kissed face looking above at the brilliance of a magic spreading eastward; its red streaks leaving their imprints on the sky. It was how they found her the next day at cotton harvesting. The smile hadn’t left her face they said. She was one with the place she sought. Hers was a story she took along with her into the red earth. That is how she wanted it in the end, they said…


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In your eyes I see distant skies
swallowing pain and the tempest too,
behold a clinging leaf on your stern
hanging in vain for sunny skies
buds in waiting, sensing a storm
shadowy clouds masking them all
how long does the journey last?
searching you, soothing with words
the quest is over and am laying down
hanging my pen and walking away
in your silence, is my end

A woman at peace and so be it …