Muted Stairs

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Poetry

Muted Stairs



Mere shadows and oblique words

          Slats of despair and ponderous flights

                   Reminiscences and ecstatic thoughts

                             Warm hues and picturesque bays

                                         Solitary paths and arduous tasks

Bellicose veins and soporific dreams

           Shredded fears and incisive hurts

                      Shattered glasses and blasphemy too

                                Singular walks and sylvan promises

                                        Shifting sands and serenading gales

Veiled plumes and heady fragrances

           Razed mankind and divine graces

                      Soft caresses and primordial needs

                             Meandering vanities and capered runs

                                   Prolonged space and mindless shivers


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