Resting Spaces

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Poetry

Resting Spaces

Seeking solitude and runaway dreams
Mind, wary yet pellucid

Vistas embrace and envelop

Holding close, cherished and free

Peace, serenading peace

The trees beckoned, every weary traveler

To rest and gain respite

The sun scorching on your brow

Singed, leaving no shade

I provide, the leaves whispered

The shady boughs and chirping birds

A lullaby to sing, awakening

Dormant spirits to heights unknown

The whispering wind spoke

Shed thy fatigue and heal bruised soles

Walking away towards unbeaten paths

Leaving a new trail,

Where there was none before

Seek resting spaces

Within you and in my shadows

For there you will find

Peace, infinite peace be with you



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