Streets With No Name

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Poetry


Passing cars, spewing smoke

Skidding tires and signal lights

Traffic jams and vacuous stares

Pale lights and neon signs

Skyscrapers and falling shacks

Grimy façade seeming heartless

Potholed streets with gaping eyes

Lose a step and totter down

Stench of death and muddied thoughts

Selling a dream to anyone around

Shadows of the night beckon

Raw, untamed the human spirit

Looking up for benefaction

Rounds of gunfire and lost lives
 Walking on with sole less shoes
Hole in the heart and grimy too
Pinch me now, shake me up

Here today, gone tomorrow

All that’s left of a yesterday

Just a few more nameless streets

  1. sunil kumar says:

    “If winter comes, can sping be far behind”

  2. Thanks Chetta…You may like the Gandhi Legacy Tour article about Arun and Tushar Gandhi. Quite an interesting pair.