Urban Serengeti

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Poetry




Walking down the streets of life

I take a turn first left, then right

I cross the street and run

Run some more faltering

The vertical boxes and

Zebra crossings, trapping me

And daring me…


Neon signs and halogen lamps

Casting shadows big and small

Just sitting by the sidewalk

Staring at cars whizzing by

Shouldn’t I be in one of them?

Just driving down the

Winding road…


Just me and my self

And a thousand thoughts

The music blaring and

Passing milestones

Just free as a bird

Taking me away, to secret places

Away from this urban life…


Where life stands still

And time is just a frozen word

Where night blends into day

And stars shine with the sun

No questions asked

Nor answers sought!


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