Shut My Eyes

Posted: January 22, 2010 in Poetry

Surreal is what it is

Pin pricks that open wide

Trying to unshed tears

Beholding scenes

That I don’t want to see


Clasping and holding tight

Never ever letting go

Blind is what I want to be

Take away that light


Shut my eyes

And let me be


The strife, those travails

Of poverty and violence

The falling and rising

Of blackness around me


It hurts and it stings

And squeezes my orbs

Steadying my gaze

When I am turning away


Shut my eyes

And let me be


Those sights I saw before 

Only haze they now bring

A touch of magic

Gone with a blink


A vision and euphoria

Is what I seek

Of a perfect world

With an imperfect me


Shut my eyes

And let me be


  1. Amar says:

    Wonderful sentiments!

    Good to have someone SEE a “Perfect World”!

    Often, “Seeing” becomes an act of “Creation”! Especially, when you are no longer scared to open your eyes;-)

    Just Be You!

    BTW, have you read any of Richard Bach’s stuff?

  2. Thanks Amar. Good 2 c u here. Opening one’s eyes and perceiving the world around and savoring the creation with all the good and bad in it is the ideal march of a soldier ready to take on the world. Being you is even better. Richard Bach’s Johnathan Livinston Sea gull is a nice read . Hoping to catch up with his other books too. Appreciate you stopping by. Thank you much :)