Posted: January 28, 2010 in Poetry

Verses as they came:


Safely Moored…

 Anchored sturdy upon a pond
Calm and safe that little boat
Quietly lies she in an inlet tonight
In the fading light of the eastern sky
She will catch the tide with morrow 
With no wild sea beyond her shores
We too in life are proved and tried
Some ride out while others fail
Reaching for the harbor walls
Much before darkness falls
Safely moored…



 Drowning in your endless rivers

Waking up to chills and shivers

Silvery twilight slowly reaching

Quietly then I stand there breathing

Sweet serenity often that beckons

Compromising that often I reckon

Together flying past minds

Soaring and letting go binds

Somewhere when it all crashed

Hopes of all kinds dashed


And then rebirth


Devoid of continuity…




 The fog rolls in tonight from the ocean

adding a strange sense of disquiet

and ambiguous silence.


Pulverized thoughts lay scattered

on the sands of time

washed and cleansed by the tide.




  Make me a memory,

I could write a few lines

Obfuscating dream & reality,

Sailing on choppy seas

Spying a lighthouse, yonder

Rowing to its light, beacon

Night fog rolling in, misty

Tears lined my eyes…


 Make me a memory

I could sing a few lines

Serenading myself and you

Drifting along the shore

Seeing the wind blown leaves

Spreading its light and colors

Fall sweeps in and takes it away

A smile creased my lips…

 Make me a memory

To live and die for

As I savor life…



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