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Posted: February 4, 2010 in Philosophical musings
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‘Half a glass full/empty’ is interpreted and analyzed in several ways by all and sundry. I have found it interesting how different people basing on their intellectual stature and emotional attributes have different takes on the same issue. Often times the same situations can appear comic if looked from a different angle and can appear serious and biased when looked at from a different view. Myopic visions add to the confusion. Saints may say that no true seeker has a right to be pessimistic and cautious optimism would be the order of the day. I couldn’t agree more. When I look at the world around me I find the life goes on no matter how immense a tragedy can be in some part of the world over other. Nagasaki and Hiroshima got obliterated in a cloud of toxic smoke but that didn’t stop the world from spinning or from people procreating. On the contrary the world politics took a new dimension.

There is no such thing as a temple of perfection, neither is there the concept of the ‘perfect world’. What was I thinking? Everyone of us have certain convictions that we have reached in our intellects, but if the primary concepts itself are negative and dangerous then a change of thought pattern is warranted to a higher ideal and in all probability this is how revolutionaries arose and preached and those who listened stood to gain. Exaggerated notions of oneself have oftentimes led to a constricted feeling of losing self control I was told. Hitler probably felt that way everyday when he looked at the mirror. He thought himself to be the savior of the world and so also General Pol Pot. Often times I wonder what delusions of exaggerated grandeur did these men harbor? What makes them completely irreverent towards a fellow being to the point that to keep some they were willing to eliminate them in large numbers. How did they justify their actions and live with it? How didn’t it all appear so grossly out of commonplace? The word genocide didn’t leave a dent in their thinking or rationale but garnered support from so many thousands who stood by them thinking that it was all right to do so in the name of ethnic cleansing.

That would bring the topic of spontaneous revelation, beyond the realm of language, beyond the mind and intellect. Contemplative power can apprehend reality they say. A total ‘becoming’…Some great thinker had said, “This intuitive power is nothing other than a mind turned inward and held at attention.”

Airing out random thoughts stacked and stagnating…


  1. Meera San says:

    Hmm… lot of thoughts there :-)

    I will come back and read it and chew on this.

  2. Thanks ..sure…chewbacca :)