Tears for Mumbai

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Poetry
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Smoked out and blasted away

Flying around witnessing it

Armed to the teeth, they came

Killed, maimed and destroyed

As I sat watching on the sills

Brothers of mankind are we?

Smiling they pumped bullets

Emptied their AK-47s and left

Segregating few and taking away

I screeched and cried unhearing

My voice drowned in the battle

I fluttered around and rested

Messenger of peace I’m called

I couldn’t do a thing to help

My wings clipped and beak tied

I leant my broken wings

Bloodied, injured and shaken

They walked out in a shock

A brother, wife, sister, father

Someone to somebody they are

Cowards, beastly and inhuman

My heart bleeds and watches

Was this what was taught?

Not martyrs my men, killers

Is what they made of you

Unfeeling and remorseless

Can’t you see it, you’re wrong?

They are wrong, they all are

Neither heaven nor hell awaits

Your crimes against humanity

Why, oh why you walk so?

Not superior or inferior

In race we are all the same

Here today, gone tomorrow

You stake claim on a world

That is no longer safe

Betrayed and vanquished

On the monument of faith

They brainwashed you,

They killed the real you

And you killed the rest…


Photos- AP photos

  1. shweta jani says:

    great poem, sujata. Loved the last two lines.

  2. Hey Shweta happy to see you here and glad you liked it too :)
    Best regards

  3. Anonymous says:

    the horror you created lyrically. excellent



  4. Thanks a bunch for stopping by Binu and liking it too.