Avatar vs Hurt Locker

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Movie Reviews
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Avatar by James Cameron had all the ingredients Sci-Fi, the drama, emotions, a fairy tale blending into the real world. A world of Navi and surreal utopia. Bad guys, good guys and mindboggling special effects. I saw, I enjoyed and liked it . The 3D effects were spectacular adding to the visual impact. Technology at its best. James Cameron outdid himself this time and took a huge gamble in the process.

Then there is ‘The Hurt Locker” by Kathryn Bigelow shot in Jordan in 2007 where she sweated it out in the desert.

Kathryn Bigelow the ex-wife of James Cameron has movies such as Near Dark (1987) and the surfer heist cult classic Point Break (1991). They were a couple from 1989-1991. It will be interesting to see the friendly face-off between these two movies of different genres and themes. Will she make history this time at the Oscars?


  1. Meera San says:

    Six for Hurt Locker!
    ‘Hurt Locker’ sweeps Oscars and makes history !

  2. Meera I was rooting for Avatar but ‘hurt locker’ has its merits too even if not wholesome entertainment like Avatar…Besides Cameron has seen that glory before already; so he might as well give it to Kathryn :)