Posted: February 22, 2010 in Poetry
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Entwined in the branches I see truth

Dangling its naked self raw on the hide

Struck by lightening and wounded too

Bare and exposed facing the storm

Pinnacles of pleasure that once was

Standing rooted in misery and death

Reaching for succor and life to the sky

Walking away with faltering steps

Rising, fighting elements for a lifetime

Never thought it would see the light

Filtering through yesterday’s leaves

Gathering on the ground and blown away

Like a wind wafted seed it flies yonder

Seeking life and after-life

And see it through the fog and tide

Bedeck it with new spring and shine
Memories of a touch so light
That can’t let go even if it tries

The journey and the stretching limbs
Is  to behold and watch with care

As it stays grounded waiting for spring

Remember in passing and smile once

 For today is as sacred as yesterday too



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