On Writing

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Personal Stories

There are times I am forced to pause and contemplate on the urge to write; that had become an obsession at one point. From poetry, fiction to non-fiction and personal stories the words flowed serenading my inner voice, making me more voluble than before. I realized an introvert needs to be heard too at some point and giving voice to thoughts is a seemingly easier way to do it. Somewhere along the line I found that words had taken control over my thoughts and had starting dictating them to pen them down.

That’s when I figured if one cannot get rid of obsessions and the propensity to be led by them, then atleaset weaning oneself  from  the hours spent on them to the exclusivity of everything is necessary. But an addiction that is most welcoming in my mind and one which I cannot rehab under any circumstances.

Writing for newspapers/media is an altogether different expression of thoughts, indulging more in the observatory power and its presentation ; one that I enjoy doing. Presenting facts in such a way that the reader’s interest is sustained and directed towards the presented event, leaving an imagery in their mind’s eyes as was experienced by the person reporting it.

The joy of expressing oneself in words and letting it hang there somewhere seems significant to a writer and I am no exception. An indulgence I crave for and give into often.

After all isn’t life all about  pursuing dreams and setting goals- if reached or not?

  1. Meera San says:

    Hey Suja,

    Yes for the question you left behind at the very end. Good for you!

    It is like you are talking to yourself… and I like what you say about writing for newspaper/media.


  2. Thanks a bunch Meera.. Writing is a lot of fun for sure.. I just had to contain my obsession a bit..now it’s more easy going and liking it too :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Gerardine. Glad you agree !

  4. Binu says:

    Dear Blizzy

    Good to read this. ” words have taken control of over my thoughts” A real writer in making


  5. Binu…welcome here. Very happy to see you and get your thoughts on my writings…
    I hope so…