Meeting U.Shrinivas the Mandolin Player

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Published Articles

Interview with Mandolin player U. Shrinivas for IE (West coast edition)


Mandolin Brothers U.Shrinivas and U.Rajesh Concert in San Diego


A packed David and Dorothea Garfield Theater, San Diego with more than 550 people were enthralled with an amazing performance from the Mandolin maestro U.Shrinivas. Most knew him as the child prodigy who took the musical world by storm when he introduced the unknown instrument the Mandolin to the public at such an young age. Today he is a veteran Maestro who performs with unique style and virtuosity. By collaborations with famous musicians from around the world he has explored several dimensions with his fusion music introducing the rest of the world also to the Mandolin.

” I was longing to see him and hear him,” said Sudha Prabha one among
the several in the audience who waited to hear his concert after so
many years. “I had watched U.Shrinivas as a child prodigy years back,
but seeing him now and listening to him with his brother U.Rajesh is
an extaordinary experience,” said Lalitha Krishnamurthi.

U.shrinivas received his initial training on the Mandolin from his
father , Sri. Suryanarayana before coming under the tutelage of Sri.
Rudraraju Subbaraju. He gave his first performance at the age of nine
and was widely celebrated as a child prodigy. Over the course of his
career he has performed in the West Berlin Jazz Festival in 1983,
Cevantino festival in Mexico, Olympic Arts festival in Barcelona also
with Western musicians like John McLaughlin, Michael Nyman, Nigel
Kennedy, Nana Vasconcelos. He had also performed for the Shakti
Foundation with Zakir Hussain, Stephen Devassey and Dominique Di

U.Shrinivas is also the recipient of the Padmashree in 1988, the
Sangeeta Ratna award and several more awards to his credit.
” I have also performed at the UN Peace concert on 29th Oct 2009.
Recently “Samjanita” my album in Europe is doing well. I enjoy
collaborating with others and it gives me inspiration and the chance
to work with musicians of different styles. I am learning a lot from
them too,’ he said modestly regarding his forays into International

Shrinivas has also performed with the likes of Zakir Hussain, Allah
Rakha, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, L.Subramaniam and Hindustani
musicians like Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. ” Playing with these
stalwarts was a unique experience for me,” he said. ” Mandolin

U.Rajesh who accompanied his brother played for the first time in San
Diego as a duo. He is also a proficient and established mandolin
player who learnt music from his father and brother. ” Music in India
is becoming more popular now I think and also internationally since
the artists are travelling around a lot these days,” he said. He has
toured extensively with his brother performing in Germany and the US
in addition to performing with Ustad Zakir Hussain and Vikku Sri

“My message to everyone is that children should start learning music
early. Their parents need to encourage them as much as as possible. Ifthey practice hard and work hard anything can be achieved,” said
Shrinivas regarding the spread of classical Indian music among the
Indian children both in India and in the US

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