Posted: April 20, 2010 in Fictional stories


She stood by the window. Her languid frame merging into the gossamer thin window curtains that seemed to shield her from the outside world. She shivered as a gentle breeze seeped in through the rusted window frames. She crossed her slender arms across her breasts, beguiling herself to the soreness she felt inside.

A void opened within her, almost feeling like an empty husk that the wind swept in, a secret anger tingling in her veins. She hadn’t felt so enfeebled and in captivity by her own chains of desolation. Somewhere she heard the night Owl cry in desperation; echoing the very thoughts that outweighed her shredded self. The moonlight cast its feeble glow on her face, illuminating it now and then as the dark clouds harried past the glowing orb.

She gently ran her hands from her neck down to the belly and left it there- around the curve of her waist looking for that warmth that had ignited her, not so long ago. Manav had held her in a vice like grip and had snuggled his unshaved chin at the nape of her neck, whispering as he ran his tongue delectably around her ears nibling it; filling her with a warmth she dissolved into. They had succumbed to the sweet purifying sensation that engulfed them, under the moonlight.

Now the pitch black of the night swathed her in utter hopelessness as she stared afar at the star ridden sky. Tears swelled as her misty eyes looked away. Manav was merely a shadow in her memories playing havoc with her sanity. She wouldn’t find him within her or in the desolate world anymore.

He had taken away with him her moorings. When she had seen him lifeless, she had collapsed with a numbing sensation. Sarayu was a shell of her former self; the depths of her grief unforgiving .

The night owl perceived a movement in the dark and fluttered away shrieking. Sarayu shook herself off her reverie and walked towards the antique bed where the seed of their love was blissfully asleep. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead gently and sighed. It was another night.

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