Grandeur Called Life

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Poetry, Uncategorized


 Is it all just a

Summation of grandeur

Or a graveyard for all

Shadow of superstitions

That is let to lie down

Puny among the rising world

Perils that stun a traveler

Defying man’s passion

Capture and communicate


Neither brush nor palette

Nor words that capture

No time stops here

Chronicles of passing

Millennia & endless cycles

Mere breath at the edge

Of eternity


Some live and some die

Some disappear, some live on


Speaking in muted silence from dust

Inanimate, burning the waters

At the edge of time

Sharing its magnificence

Hidden secrets, deepest questions



Facing moments in eternity

Fundamental and rudimentary

A wondrous place yet struggles

Discovering consciousness

Immortality, vague and distant

A sense of divine

With peace of the infinite

Layering us through


Silent reveries and endless dreams

A shadow, a thought, a mere glance

Palpable, sonorous and alive

Elusive at times …

Out of my grasp…

What is that I fail to see?

What escapes and stands still?


  1. “Some live and some die
    Some disappear, some live on

    a somehow sad poem that is full of vibrance.
    and yes, life is grand, and in that same grandiose way it is but a sham, the real truth reveal only in death.

  2. glitterringsoot… Nice & long name..thank you for stopping by to read this one. Appreciate it a lot…

    Nicely summarized..strange are the ways of life but ‘life goes on’ in all its vibrant hues as grandiose as it may appear to be…