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Posted: August 28, 2010 in Philosophical musings
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I glance out of the window and what I see is sheer poetry from nature, beckoning every weary soul into her folds. A ray of light, a cosmic connection, a path unfolding  for silent footsteps to follow through with her- music wafting in to fill my veins with such unexplainable mirth and bliss. I become one with her, lost in her embrace.

Nature holds me together and I reach out for her hands to lead me through the terrains of life, climbing over rocks and jumping over little waterfalls and creeks. Seeing my reflection often, smiling and waving, keeping me bound to deep brown earth. The sky yonder, inviting with her open arms telling me to take a leap of faith and become one with her boundless beauty and wholesomeness; relinquishing all ties with the earth. To fly like a bird and feel the winds carrying me like a feather…


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John Mayer Songs: Videos

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Favorite Songs Video

My favorite songs from John Mayer;

One Republic- Stop & Stare

Apologize- by One Republic

Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams



Posted: August 24, 2010 in Poetry
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Twilight sky, shadowed out

illusions or just a thought

wanderers scattered through

somehow lost, old and new

somewhere reflecting wild

an adult, youth and a child

vanish into grey horizons

remnants of a today’s sun

distance and then some time

summer, winter or any clime

i turn around and walk away

blink an eye and ease the sway

now it’s there and it’s gone

surreal is how it shone… 


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(Photo : Personal -taken at the beach here on a foggy day)



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From a point, radiating out

circling and spreading afar

a thought, a sublime one

for you and some for me

resonate and carry through

hiding and surfacing

mingling and meandering

through weeds and lotus leaves

then back to me, centering

catching and sending it too

they are all but mine

and some of yours…




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They are but corridors

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Poetry
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Forever in Immortality

Freedom your door to escape

I am but the multitude taking on life

The pillars of strength often tall

Crumbling by the wayside and fall


Stories that I see and devour

In so many hues, oft-repeated moves

And cages of life more for some

Succumbing then sleep-walking

Wearing blinders, not seeing


Helping hand and a succor

Depleted of vigor and tired

You run seeking sanctuary

I follow being there and watching

The crowd swallows you sooner


An extended hand, you take

Then cocoon yourself to agony

Disappearing from humanity

Protecting your soul from vile

Your own master, holding the key


Shards of memories you step on

Bleeding and gasping for air

You are but one on the sidewalk

With nary a care, tortured inside

Seeking respite, benefaction too


 I see them through windows

And half open doors, pushing on

Serenading the mind, yet falling back

Taking recourse to death and tides

Life consumes and spits one out


Fight back and stay your ground

Not wounded and limping, silent

Call in the strength and the pillars too

Not letting go the light and the song

Take a detour and trod on fearless


They are but corridors you run through…





In Measured Doses

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Non-Fiction

So a whirlwind tour around my favorite country took me through another dimension both in mind and spirit as it usually does every time I travel. Just getting out of the cocoon, encountering near and dear ones, strangers and the multitude rubbing shoulders and inhaling the depleting oxygen around you is an experience in itself. It could either elevate you and shake you up from your sangfroid somnambulism that one slips into unnoticed or it could devour you and spit you out into a churning sea of emotional roller coaster.

Without getting literal or poetic about it but trying to dissect through the maudlin thoughts that might overtake one’s equanimity is an exercise in itself.

Rambling while writing is one way to unload thoughts that get sequestered and bog my brain. Nothing more pleasurable than sharing and dragging the readers through the expressed sentiments; seeking their side of the story or the worst case seeing if it resonates with anyone else out there.

Considering that I am one of those passive observers for whom life around me is a ‘life-affirming’ drama of human rainbows; sometimes I do take it all in and ruminate a tad bit more than necessary; then chipping on it leisurely sharing my experiences.

And so after several hours of train, bus, car and plane rides that always adds opportunities to encounter people as interesting as can be, I came out of it a more learned person or so I assumed.