They are but corridors

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Poetry
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Forever in Immortality

Freedom your door to escape

I am but the multitude taking on life

The pillars of strength often tall

Crumbling by the wayside and fall


Stories that I see and devour

In so many hues, oft-repeated moves

And cages of life more for some

Succumbing then sleep-walking

Wearing blinders, not seeing


Helping hand and a succor

Depleted of vigor and tired

You run seeking sanctuary

I follow being there and watching

The crowd swallows you sooner


An extended hand, you take

Then cocoon yourself to agony

Disappearing from humanity

Protecting your soul from vile

Your own master, holding the key


Shards of memories you step on

Bleeding and gasping for air

You are but one on the sidewalk

With nary a care, tortured inside

Seeking respite, benefaction too


 I see them through windows

And half open doors, pushing on

Serenading the mind, yet falling back

Taking recourse to death and tides

Life consumes and spits one out


Fight back and stay your ground

Not wounded and limping, silent

Call in the strength and the pillars too

Not letting go the light and the song

Take a detour and trod on fearless


They are but corridors you run through…





  1. Meera San says:

    :-) nice, long time since I have been here.

  2. Thanks Meera for stopping by :)

  3. there was some strong emotion displayed in this which worked well with some great verse..lots of good lines to chose from but this worked best for me;;

    Shards of memories you step on
    Bleeding and gasping for air

    thanks for sharing with one shot..cheers pete

  4. Claudia says:

    i like the bold approach to life and difficulties in your poem

  5. dustus says:

    Your poem reads like a powerful burst of emotion and speaks to the complexities of seeking and dealing with personal freedom. thank you

  6. brian says:

    i have run those corridors…lots of emotion here…but cling to that light and that song…smiles. nice oneshot!

  7. Thanks Pete..nice to get feedback from a wonderful poet such as you.
    Thanks for the onstoppoetry that brings together like minded people together.

  8. Adam so good to see you here and thanks for stopping by…The poem is a dedication to all the sufferings one sees around us and people who struggle to make a living against all odds..

  9. Claudia good to see you here and thank you..A dedication to people and life in general!

  10. Thanks Brian for stopping by..appreciate it..Thanks to oneshot to share expressions!

  11. buttercup600 says:

    We all have those corridors to run through life, this one resonates. Thanks for sharing x

  12. Suja says:

    Thanks a bunch buttercup for stopping by… Everyone has their bit of corridor they run through..

  13. Kavita says:

    This was beautiful! Pain and feeling resounded through your verses…
    The imagery was so vivid, that it brought some really gruesome and saddening pictures into my head… so powerful were your words here! I loved it!!
    We sit and pity those who suffer… but can never really “understand” what they go in day out! Even this helplessness was brought out in your poem..and I really liked that!
    A lovely read!

  14. pattiken says:

    I like the end, which reminds me of the motto Harvard grads like to use: Illegitimi non carborundum.

  15. Kavita happy to see you here as your name means ‘poetry’ too :)

    True what those who suffer go through only they know and reveal less..they hide their pain inside and put on a smile..we see it all around us everyday..A prayer to them all!
    Glad you liked it!
    best regards

  16. Thank you pattiken for stopping by. Glad to see you here..

    Very true as you said “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” a motto for everyone in the world to fight adversities of any kind ..

  17. Gwei Mui says:

    Raw, uncovering that painful underbelly of life
    Very emotional, very strong, very striking

  18. Suja says:

    Gwei Mui,
    Very happy to get a feedback from a talented & versatile person like you.
    Best regards

  19. Neva Flores says:

    A beautiful poem, I love your blog.

  20. dcwright02 says:

    the corridors of life that we all must walk through… beautiful poem, very strong. love the line “not letting go the light and the song…” very powerful!

  21. Nicely said dcwright..and thank you for reading :)

  22. Jamie Dedes says:

    Raw feeling eloquently expressed. Well done. … and true to life …

    Poem on …

  23. Thank you Jamie. Nice to get your feedback!

  24. Jingle says:

    outstanding poetry blog,
    keep it up.

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