In Measured Doses

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Non-Fiction

So a whirlwind tour around my favorite country took me through another dimension both in mind and spirit as it usually does every time I travel. Just getting out of the cocoon, encountering near and dear ones, strangers and the multitude rubbing shoulders and inhaling the depleting oxygen around you is an experience in itself. It could either elevate you and shake you up from your sangfroid somnambulism that one slips into unnoticed or it could devour you and spit you out into a churning sea of emotional roller coaster.

Without getting literal or poetic about it but trying to dissect through the maudlin thoughts that might overtake one’s equanimity is an exercise in itself.

Rambling while writing is one way to unload thoughts that get sequestered and bog my brain. Nothing more pleasurable than sharing and dragging the readers through the expressed sentiments; seeking their side of the story or the worst case seeing if it resonates with anyone else out there.

Considering that I am one of those passive observers for whom life around me is a ‘life-affirming’ drama of human rainbows; sometimes I do take it all in and ruminate a tad bit more than necessary; then chipping on it leisurely sharing my experiences.

And so after several hours of train, bus, car and plane rides that always adds opportunities to encounter people as interesting as can be, I came out of it a more learned person or so I assumed. 


  1. Kavita says:

    Well said, Suja! I concur…
    Each silent observation gets us one step closer to ourselves!
    And writing about these experiences (not necessarily the experience per-se, but ABOUT it) is like introspection itself! And travel is one of the best means!!

    Here’s to us, our observations, and how we interpret them!!! :)
    Much love to you..

  2. Kavita,

    That’s a nice summary..good to see you here my friend…introspection is fun and experiences adds on layers making the ride called life very enjoyable!
    love 2 u 2