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From a point, radiating out

circling and spreading afar

a thought, a sublime one

for you and some for me

resonate and carry through

hiding and surfacing

mingling and meandering

through weeds and lotus leaves

then back to me, centering

catching and sending it too

they are all but mine

and some of yours…




(Photo: Personal collection)

For Oneshotpoetry

  1. Neva Flores says:

    Such a lovely, serene poem.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by Neva and liking it too :)

  3. Kavita says:

    Wowww.. This really is serene! LOVED your play of words… it’s very captivating, Suja!
    So beautifully you’ve made an analogy here.. really clever!!!

  4. soulintention: signed .............bkm says:

    lovely, calming read… makes me want to stare at lotus blossoms and meditate….bkm

  5. dustus says:

    Great poem and complementary image. Love it!

  6. Timoteo says:

    The ripple effect…and let us be mindful of what type of karma it may create…

  7. moondustwriter says:

    there have been many poems I have read about the ripple effect lately (and I wrote one)
    I love how nature and energy can create and inspire as it does

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon smiles

  8. Desert Rose says:

    i enjoy nature so much, you captured a calming moment with a beautiful effect..:) nice one shot..:)

  9. brian says:

    like a fresh breath, i smiled the whole way through…nicely played oneshot!

  10. This is a very cool concept, and your chosen metaphor is perfect!

  11. mory says:

    this poem remind me of a classic calculus problem that ask to find the rate at witch the radius of the circle from when a rock is thrown into water. anyway, this is unrelated to this. very nice poem !

  12. Talon says:

    The circles of life in the ripples…lovely!

  13. the ripple effect, one of my favourite metaphors i tend to use in everyday speech..reminds me of One Shot and how it is expanding outwards…a lovely image and your words were so eloquent..great poem cheers Pete

  14. Dear Kavitha, soulintentions, Adam, Pete, Leslie, Talon, Mory, Steven, Brian, Desert Rose, Timoteo & Neva

    Thank you all for stopping by and reading and your nice feedbacks too. Appreciate it a lot…

  15. claudia says:

    loved the image you created with your poem – the ripples of life – thoughts that spread…beautiful

  16. Gay Cannon says:

    Yes I too thought of the ripples in a pond and the way one thing excites another as our poems excite one another. Lovely metaphor and your poem is beautifully imagistic. Thank you. gay

  17. willow says:

    Delicious mingling and meandering.

  18. Patty Sherry says:

    I love the image and the “life” you bring to thoughts…hiding and surfacing, mingling and meandering. I love the image of two peoples thoughts resonating with each other in that moment of connection.

    I also love the picture you have with the rippling water, it’s beautiful and fits so well with this piece.

  19. pattiken says:

    Lovely, so restful floating on your words.

  20. Gwei Mui says:

    I enjoyed this, your words did ripple for me

  21. Glynn says:

    Those word ripples washed across all of us. Nice one.

  22. dcwright02 says:

    a very nice, simple and calming poem.

  23. Thank you so much dcwright02, Glyn, Gwei, Pattiken, Patty Sherri, Willow, Gay & Claudia for stopping by reading and your feedback. Much appreciated!

  24. hoiden says:

    wow i love the serenity of the poem:)

  25. Thank you Hoiden for stopping by and liking too.

  26. Dagny says:

    Lovely Suja…!

    then back to me, centering

    catching and sending it too

    they are all but mine

    and some of yours…

    Very serene lines… :))


  27. Thank you Dagny..Happy to see you here :)

  28. Jamie Dedes says:

    Ah, sweet tranquility … Lovely post with perfect poem and pix. Thank you

  29. Jamie Dedes says:

    Did you know you have an award here?
    It’s the Outstanding Blogger Award.
    Congratulations, Suja!

  30. Thank you so much Jamie..Wow! That feels wonderful to know…shall check it out for sure and shall read up all the others there too..
    You made my day :)