Posted: August 24, 2010 in Poetry
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Twilight sky, shadowed out

illusions or just a thought

wanderers scattered through

somehow lost, old and new

somewhere reflecting wild

an adult, youth and a child

vanish into grey horizons

remnants of a today’s sun

distance and then some time

summer, winter or any clime

i turn around and walk away

blink an eye and ease the sway

now it’s there and it’s gone

surreal is how it shone… 


For Onestoppoetry


(Photo : Personal -taken at the beach here on a foggy day)


  1. brian says:

    the days seem to be moving faster the older i get…i blink and they are gone as well…and sometimes rather surreal as well…like the flow to your poem as well…nice oneshot!

  2. moondustwriter says:

    What a great image followed by words pondering the meaning of the mirage.

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moon smiles

  3. dustus says:

    The lines sound pitch-perfect and the image adds a nice visual element to the pondering of time. Thanks for the One Shot! Like the title too :)

  4. Lovely, as usual. Paints a mind picture … captures my imagination. And it’s always fun to ponder time … its seamless passage, its fleeting nature. :)

  5. Desert Rose says:

    love the image..the lines..the feeling..so beautiful!

  6. dcwright02 says:

    the pondering of time and seeing life’s moments as fleeting images… can’t say as i know how this feels yet.. perhaps something like reading your poem. :)

  7. Talon says:

    Is that your photo? It’s haunting…as is the poem. Time does play tricks on us…

  8. Chandrika says:

    Beautiful! nicely depicts the many things that goes on in this busy lives of ours’ along with many moods/emotions that at times hard to notice but exists for a watchful eye and a mindful heart!

  9. Thanks a bunch readers for stopping by and leaving your thoughts:

    Brian: Somedays seem more surreal than the others and passes by so quickly as in a dream…:)

    Leslie:Thanks you much..the image was taken at the beach here on a misty day:)

    Adam: Thank you..something about mirages that are so fascinating to see and the concept when applied to life appears so surreal :)

    Daisy good to see you here..Thank you for and so true about time being fleeting and a seemless passage sometimes… :)

    Desert Rose thank you for stopping by..good to see you :)

    dcwright:Thank you ..it seems mostly an illusion the passage of time and the stages and all the people that come and go into it :)

    Talon : good to see you here..Yes that is a photo I took at the beach here during a foggy day inspiring all kinds of illusions :)

    Chanda: Happy to see you here. Welcome! and thanks for those lovely thoughts..Aptly said! :)

  10. Eric Alder says:

    Well put together! I can almost see the setting sun’s last fading light.

  11. Kavita says:

    Oh… such a lovely poem, Suja… something we can sooo relate to! So elusive, time… it’s here now, and suddenly, poof! It’s flown away… Very beautifully written!
    Really enjoyed the rhymes… they added to the effect

  12. The picture is haunting, and I like the way you echo its impact in words.

  13. Gay Cannon says:

    Eyes play tricks on us at twilight, life plays tricks on us when we reach our twilight and the response is similar “What’s that?” Whether shadows pass before us at end of day or we take a step and the whole foot hurts for absolutely no reason at all.
    Beautiful visit to that ineffable and untenable dimension — time.
    Thank you.

  14. PattiKen says:

    This was a great description of how the passage of time seems to speed up when you aren’t looking. And then one day, you blink, and notice. And yes, it is surreal. My reaction is usually, “What the heck happened?”

  15. although we are a poetry site..as you know we welcome photography too..this image was amazing..and your words pulled it together so well..the whole thing was a complete package..well done and thanks for sharing with One Shot..pete

  16. Eric Alder: Thank you for liking it! Thanks!

    Pete: Photography is my passion and love to capture such surreal moments..thank you for giving us all this opportunity with On shot. Much appreciated!

    Patti how true that is…before we know it it’s gone in a blink!Thanks

    Gay Cannon: happy to get feedback from a talented person like you..I was unable to leave a comment on your Poetry page..Love the way you spin out words with so much depth and beauty! Thanks

    Kavitha: Happy to see you here and thanks for liking it!

    Ben: thanks and welcome to my pages !

  17. buttercup600 says:

    Awesome writing, I felt in the moment with every line. Loved the image too. xx

  18. ds says:

    Lovely. As haunting and expressive as the photo. Thank you.

  19. Jamie Dedes says:

    Time moves more quickly as the years pass … and what is real, what mirrage. Lovely poem and fine choice of topic … Or, it more likely chose you!

    Wonder One Stop Wednesday contribution. I really like it.

  20. Jamie Dedes says:

    P.S.: Excuisite photo…haunting.

  21. Jamie very happy to see you here and thank you for those nice words too ;)
    Best regds