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Posted: September 20, 2010 in Poetry
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Isn’t it enough, I see it through?

Shouldn’t I think more, you too?

Wouldn’t I know the mind is closed?

Questions and answers both imposed.

Hadn’t I thought I could lift the veil?

Surreal and then both turning pale

Couldn’t you just walk some more?

 Hand in hand maybe till the door.

Couldn’t I see beyond that mist?

Think it all over and seek the gist

Can I not just leave some clues?

Wipe it away and call it blues.

Isn’t it been a long undone?

You would be glad when I’m gone

Share it some more, watch the smiles

For I will be there, a few more miles

Picture me sing and shed a tear

Knowing me more, far than near

Set it all up and break the ring

Feel the deep bite and the sting

You know me now, I live life full

Join the ride, feel the tug and pull

Spreading my joy and take the bliss

Capture my heart and say as is

Flashing night signs, aurora borealis

Stealing a glance and a deep wet kiss

Somewhere deep down, I must go

Clarity now seems just a show

Feel the right touch and say it’s true

In so many ways we let it brew

Cresting on waves with more nuance

You would just say it’s all clairvoyance …


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Dad, Don’t Leave

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Poetry
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I hold your hand, I want you to stay

I want your hugs, and I will pray

Can I come with you, is it safe?

Can I be there for you at the base?

Mom needs you and I need you

But she says my country needs too

Why do people fight daddy?

Why do people hate daddy?

Who are you fighting?

Are they monsters…

Or are they like me?

Weren’t they kids too ?

Did they mess up or did we?

Why Daddy? why?

Please stay and don’t die

In a far-off land that I can’t reach…

Mommy and me and my teddy

We will pray all night and day

Don’t go daddy…I need you too…


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Anyone who has taught before or is teaching now will vouch for the fact that there is nothing more rewarding than imparting knowledge to those eager minds, who sit there absorbing it all like a sponge does. The responsibility that comes with playing that role is immense and a labor of love.

So when I volunteered to coach the Middle School students here one of the topics for the Science Olympiad I was thrilled to bits. It was more than 15 years back that I had taught students; the last time was while I was a student in the University here and was a ‘teaching assistant’- teaching Biology 101 to freshmen.


Science Olympiad is taken quite seriously here and is conducted at the middle and high school levels. The students compete with other schools and the winning regional teams go to state level and then onto national level. The dedication of the coaches is inspiring and they are all parents who go out of their way to volunteer their time, after work hours and on weekends.

Our school was lucky to win the Regional’s last year winning in most of the 23 odd topics that go into the Olympiad such as Wright Flight, Disease detectives, Ecology, Building bridges, ornithology, Fossils, Bioprocesses and so on.


The affection the students show and the eagerness they have for learning is infectious. Some of them are so bright and respond enthusiastically, while there are the others who amble in and just have fun.

Sharing pictures of the 2009 school team that won and my group who were a part of the school team. The parting letters from students are cute to read and the ceremony involving handing the trophy to the vice-principal was a riot; mainly because it involved the students getting a chance to shave the head of the vice-principal every time they win a trophy. Isn’t that cute?

I’ll sure miss coaching the teams in future …it was a fun experience while it lasted though!


Posted: September 11, 2010 in Book Reviews


I bought myself a bunch of books from Amazon. Nothing like good books at cheap prizes. More treasures added on to my existing collection. I intend to read all these over time and write reviews at my Book Review Blog:

The Birth of Tragedy : Friedrich Nietzsche

Kafka on the Shore : Haruki Murakami

Blow-Up and other stories: Julio Cortazar

Gilead : Marilynne Robinson

The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh: edited by Mark Roskill

A Time of Changes: Robert Silverberg     

Kartography: Kamila Shamsie


The Hungry Tide : Amitav Ghosh

The unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Collected Fictions: Jorge Luis Borges

The Metamorphosis and other stories : Franz Kafka


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Coffee Shop

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Poetry
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So we sat in the coffee shop

sipping and enjoying the jukebox

we talked a lot and laughed too

saw the world with blinded eyes

beckoning the stars and the sun

i smiled, I laughed and liked it too

We talked about this and that

about everything and nothing

soon the coffee did get cold

and we left to get some more

on the way we lost our seats

i searched and dragged a stool

eyes scanning, looked over

I couldn’t ever drag you back

you said the ‘coffee was too cold’

and the ‘ambience was killing you’

and you left with not a word

burnt my tongue with the scalding broth

it stays that way even now

There is nothing you could do

neither could I think or do

so I sat and looked around

the jukebox played on noisily

that seat of yours unoccupied

no coffee, no broth nor talk

just silence and then some more

I often think I’ll leave the shop

go find mountains to climb

rivers to swim and paddle along

find me a cloud to sail away

but the coffee there is so good

old impulses just make me stay
and listen to oldies and newbies
just wafting out of the jukebox…


Photo: Personal copy

Inspired by my favorite coffee shop and too much coffee :)

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Babel -( Movie Review)

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Movie Reviews
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I had watched 21 Grams from Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and was so impressed with it that I had to watch Babel too. I was not disappointed at all. A movie made so realistically that one gets drawn into it in the first 5 minutes. The movie is not for the faint hearted and has strong emotional scenes, some tearing one’s soul apart and at other times the stark truth represented in so many hues, it almost feels like watching life in another dimension.

The movie is shown as taking place with 4 different families simultaneously as it seamlessly flits through their lives in Morocco, Japan, Mexico and the US each one scaling the heights and depths of human tragedy.

Released in 2006 it won the Oscars and has Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and several others.

A movie worth a watch and one that made me sit up an take notice. It is heavy on adult content and not meant for the younger…