Coffee Shop

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Poetry
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So we sat in the coffee shop

sipping and enjoying the jukebox

we talked a lot and laughed too

saw the world with blinded eyes

beckoning the stars and the sun

i smiled, I laughed and liked it too

We talked about this and that

about everything and nothing

soon the coffee did get cold

and we left to get some more

on the way we lost our seats

i searched and dragged a stool

eyes scanning, looked over

I couldn’t ever drag you back

you said the ‘coffee was too cold’

and the ‘ambience was killing you’

and you left with not a word

burnt my tongue with the scalding broth

it stays that way even now

There is nothing you could do

neither could I think or do

so I sat and looked around

the jukebox played on noisily

that seat of yours unoccupied

no coffee, no broth nor talk

just silence and then some more

I often think I’ll leave the shop

go find mountains to climb

rivers to swim and paddle along

find me a cloud to sail away

but the coffee there is so good

old impulses just make me stay
and listen to oldies and newbies
just wafting out of the jukebox…


Photo: Personal copy

Inspired by my favorite coffee shop and too much coffee :)

For Oneshotpoetry

  1. brian says:

    nice one shot…i love the coffee shop…the ambiance…the community…think i might stay as well…but that dang empty chair wont do…like the internal rhymes in this as well…

  2. KB says:

    It’s wonderful when you find a place you feel so at home in. Someone interesting will show up soon to share it all with and appreciate the place as much as you do.

  3. I like the way you end up, looking out on a world with all sorts of possibilities, but content to stay and savor the coffee.

  4. Talon says:

    I like that you’re open to possibilities even while you’re content to be exactly where you are. I’m not a coffee drinker, but the ambiance of some places – the people, the music on the jukebox – is just like a warm hug.

  5. buttercup600 says:

    I love coffee too (think I am addicted to it) made the reader feel as if you were there, enjoying the ambiance…think I want to stay there as well…lovely write my friend x

  6. hollyheir says:

    Sometimes we’re content to let others move on. It’s usually pointless to chase after them and if they want another spot or need new adventures that’s no reason to give up your personal comfort and a place that defines you. I think you captured this beautifully with your coffeeshop metaphor. Well written. Thank you, Gay (beachanny)

  7. momagama says:

    lol ! you wrote on this…I saw the picture @ twitter. Rock on ! :-)

  8. moondustwriter says:

    that coffee shop sounds alot like life. At least there is the coffee to keep us going

    Nice one for One Shot – thanks

    Moon smiles

  9. Leslie: Right on and the coffee keeps us going..Thanks for oneshot!

    momagama: Thank you!

    Gay Cannon: Thank you..nicely said!

    Buttercup: Good to see you my friend…enjoy ur coffee too!

    Talon: Sometimes it is fun to just idle around sipping coffee and let the world swim by !

    Ben: Thank you…Nice to do that too!

    Brian: lol that’s nice…but the coffee is worth it all !

  10. Glynn says:

    The coffee grew cold, as did the love. Nice one shot.

  11. Patty Sherry says:

    Hi Suja

    Great poem, life is about the coffee isn’t it? Those coffee moments can be so special, and yet as you describe you can get burned too… Love the flow of your poem. xo

  12. Eric Alder says:

    Quite a few coffee references in the One Stops this week. Nicely done, Suja!

  13. somtimes, a place just feels home, even if its not home :)

    lovely one shot.

    mine is Here

  14. Me a writer? says:

    Ouch, some real pain under those words. Thanks for dropping by. My poem is here. Hope your week goes well.

  15. Suja says:

    Glynn:Thank you!

    Patty: Good to see you. Coffee moments are always special!

    Eric: it sure feels like a coffee week!

    Leo: You said it !

    Me a writer: Thank you for stopping by.

  16. Kavita says:

    oh my my … what a poem, Suja!!
    The sad life of many a relationship…
    A brilliant analogy, this cuppa coffee! Keep up the awesome, my dear friend…
    Loved the image too! :)

  17. dustus says:

    I didn’t know there was a coffee shop named after me. LOL Seriously, like your poem very much, especially the lines: “There is nothing you could do / neither could I think or do / so I sat and looked around / the jukebox played on noisily” Those lines have a musical quality, and fitting that you mention the jukebox there. Happy One Shot!

  18. Timoteo says:

    A very creative take on a relationship. And “BADASS”…that’s gotta be some strong coffee!

  19. Claudia says:

    agh – the hurt of loosing – the joy – the change – the never be the same – great poem!

  20. Kris says:

    Good One Suja…the signage :)

  21. Woke up and smelt a coffee! Beautiful.

  22. abha iyengar says:

    coffee and juke boxes do keep you comfortable in a certain zone…

  23. that was a great share..really put me in mind for a trip out and then the more i read and understood the lonelier i felt for wanting to go and be alone…great work..cheers pete

  24. Pete: Thank you for reading & liking…Coffee sure puts the ‘yeah’ back in the system..good in company and also in peaceful solitudes…Sometimes the best creative ideas come during the ‘alone’ time and paper napkins come in handy :)

    Abha: Nice to see you here.. Right on..the most comfortable zone for sure!

    Suresh Chetts: Absolutely! Grab a nice cup and jump-start the morning!

    Kris: Great to see you here and glad you liked the signage too :)

    Claudia: Yes but coffee there is good with or without company!

    Tim: That sure is a nice coffee from Hawaii…the Kona one named after the donkeys that hauled the cofee through the mountains..

    Adam: LOL that was funny…I bet you ain’t that! Thanks for liking it…

    Kavitha: Happy to see the poetess here and thanks for liking picture and the verse..

  25. Meera San says:

    I am momagama – my other wordpress on motherhood :-) Meera

  26. Nithin R S says:

    It seems you like that coffee shop alot.

  27. Suja says:

    Meera, that’s nice..Have fun writing :)

    Nitin, yeah a nice place with ambience that I like :)