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Blank Pages

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Philosophical musings

A white sheet of paper. No letters scribbled in. No words and no sentences. No periods to worry about to end it and no commas, no dashes and dots. Just blank and fresh as the blue sky, vast and bright. Not a single wayward cloud. I lifted the paper and smelt it. The fragrance of words had long evaporated leaving behind the residues of a mind that ceased gradually.

 Pithy thoughts and loving glances dissipated in the morning sun. What was left the inviting aroma of a tomorrow? Cogent and coherent? Serene thoughts that override the chariots of wayward words and vanquished dreams spilling onto its whiteness.

No whip that rouses or salimonious broodings held and fastened. Infinite peace and then some rest. I walk a few steps. I turn around knowing it will draw me in yet again. Unknown ties of mind. I feel the air breaking. I feel the knots tied up and laced in burgundy. I feel it all and I walk knowing it vaporizes. As much as the sun rises it sets and spreads its somnambulistic web. I am caught in its labrynth and trapped.

 As I emerge, I am unstuck. Life beckons. Hasn’t it been long and enduring? Movement and metastasis of thoughts warranted, riding in parallel directions. Not meeting but slumbering through. I will make it. Haven’t I before?

I swivel in my chair. I put the pen back. The ink dries up and the point glistens menacingly. I look away. I am not lured by my pen anymore. I am infallible or so I think. I walk away and the page stays empty for now. Maybe later or much later the restoration and reconstruction may begin again. Until then blank is what it is…

I smile.

Home for some

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Sumangali Seva Ashrama

SSA Road, Cholanayakanahalli,

R.T.Nagar Post,

Bangalore 560032

Tel #: 91-8065301388/65301393/


The Sumangali Seva Ashram in Bangalore is an island of hope for the destitute and the abandoned. There are orphans here, abandoned women from abusive homes, elderly who were thrown out of the home. Susheelamma a mother of 3 started the ashram in 1975 with 3 kids and 15 Rs. Now the ashram has grown exponentially and houses around 200 or more of the people. There is a school run by the Org from kindergarden to highschool. The ladies are taught all the crafts for pursuing a vocation and be self reliant. With the help of donors nationally and internationally the org has grown and helping not just those in the ashram but also devlopmental works extend to the slums and villages too. Susheelamma is the binding force and the along with her committee members she has dedicated her life for the cause.








Give Me Back Time

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Poetry
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Give me more I ask

You turn away

Give me a smile I say

You walk away

Give me the warmth

You tuck your hands

Give me my love

You are cold now

Give me all we shared

You laugh and smirk

Give me my life back

You say take it

Give me what you took

You say get lost

Give me back lost years

You say it’s gone

Give me back my youth

You say forget it

Give me peace then

To savor all I had

Give me solace then

To revel in what I have

Give me more time

To do it all over again

Time, would you

Turn it back for me?

Or just hold still

 Lest I forget to remember…


For #onestoppoetry,  #oneshotwednesday

Ripples: A book of short stories compiled by Prashant Karhade & APK Publishers had their book launch in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore & Chennai. The short stories are written by 26 women writers from all over India and from the US.   A wonderful collection and a good coffee table book for light reading. Prashant did a wonderful job co-ordinating all of us writers to make this dream come true.

 The stories are evocative with each one written in a different style that is the trademark of the individual writer. The book has been received well and gained some  publicity too over a few days.

The Mumbai launch with writers Irene Dhar Malik, Smita Sahay, Parvin Saket, Dagny Samrock along with Prashant Karhade, Actor Sanjay Suri, Sooni (scriptwriter-photographer-director) & Onir ( editor-scriptwriter-director)

The Bangalore launch with contributing writers Sudha H Sharma, Asha Francis, Suja Sukumaran, Prashant , Susheela Ravi, Anita Satyajit , Moindeepa Sahu & Sharada Balasubramaniam.

   The Chennai Launch with Fehmida Zakeer, Jayati Dasgupta, Actor Revathi, Prashant, Sharada Balasubramaniam & Jayati Dasgupta.

The Book is available at Flipkart & Indiaplaza:

Press reviews-Links:


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 Her ephemeral world of dreams

Lay buried under the sand

Her silent suppressed voice

Fluttered around in the gentle breeze

She carried the womb of hope

Lying still within her

No cross or tombstone above her

A few rose petals scattered on her grave

Its hues pale in the evening sky

A mother, a wife, a daughter

Nobody to claim her now

She lived an exalted life

She was the best there ever was

A shoulder, a shared laugh

Never alone in smiles or tears

Then cruel fate reared its ugly hands

And smothered that flickering flame

For want of love and harmony

On this blessed earth she wandered

They walked away leaving her,

Raw and embittered,

Her stoicism broken down

Healed and then broken again

But now she rests in peace

Gazing up to the heavens…


(Dedicated to my dear friend who was killed in a ‘hit and run’ road accident .You are remembered today, again, by your friends, family & daughter.)