Give Me Back Time

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Poetry
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Give me more I ask

You turn away

Give me a smile I say

You walk away

Give me the warmth

You tuck your hands

Give me my love

You are cold now

Give me all we shared

You laugh and smirk

Give me my life back

You say take it

Give me what you took

You say get lost

Give me back lost years

You say it’s gone

Give me back my youth

You say forget it

Give me peace then

To savor all I had

Give me solace then

To revel in what I have

Give me more time

To do it all over again

Time, would you

Turn it back for me?

Or just hold still

 Lest I forget to remember…


For #onestoppoetry,  #oneshotwednesday

  1. Lady Jude says:

    Beautiful Poem, Well Written

  2. Eric says:

    Perhaps you’d be better off if you remember to forget?

    Life goes on. Nice One Shot, Suja!

  3. Kavita says:

    If only we could turn that knob anticlockwise… but then again, would we have really changed “stuff”? Sometimes I really wonder.. And I am kinda glad to realize that I will never know ..

    Your poem was very moving, Suja.. Raked up a few memories too (semi-forgotten ones).. :)
    You’ve written it beautifully… and the repetitions really add to the effect!!!

  4. Lady Jude thank you son much for reading & liking!

    Eric..true ‘remember to forget’..and life goes on…

    Kavitha, so good to see you. Missed reading your poems for a while…
    Thank you for liking just flowed out of my head and glad it made some sense….those clocks all keep ticking away merrily and time never waits. Sometimes I wish it would stay still!!

  5. Steve Isaak says:

    Relatable, mostly-solid poem. These lines, given the lines that envelop them, read redundant to me: ” Give me back my youth/You say forget it”. . . otherwise, good work/flow.

  6. Steve thank you for stopping by and also for your honest feedback. Much appreciated!