Blank Pages

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Philosophical musings

A white sheet of paper. No letters scribbled in. No words and no sentences. No periods to worry about to end it and no commas, no dashes and dots. Just blank and fresh as the blue sky, vast and bright. Not a single wayward cloud. I lifted the paper and smelt it. The fragrance of words had long evaporated leaving behind the residues of a mind that ceased gradually.

 Pithy thoughts and loving glances dissipated in the morning sun. What was left the inviting aroma of a tomorrow? Cogent and coherent? Serene thoughts that override the chariots of wayward words and vanquished dreams spilling onto its whiteness.

No whip that rouses or salimonious broodings held and fastened. Infinite peace and then some rest. I walk a few steps. I turn around knowing it will draw me in yet again. Unknown ties of mind. I feel the air breaking. I feel the knots tied up and laced in burgundy. I feel it all and I walk knowing it vaporizes. As much as the sun rises it sets and spreads its somnambulistic web. I am caught in its labrynth and trapped.

 As I emerge, I am unstuck. Life beckons. Hasn’t it been long and enduring? Movement and metastasis of thoughts warranted, riding in parallel directions. Not meeting but slumbering through. I will make it. Haven’t I before?

I swivel in my chair. I put the pen back. The ink dries up and the point glistens menacingly. I look away. I am not lured by my pen anymore. I am infallible or so I think. I walk away and the page stays empty for now. Maybe later or much later the restoration and reconstruction may begin again. Until then blank is what it is…

I smile.

  1. Subir Ghosh says:

    Aaah! :) (pls delete the previous one)

  2. Subir, ‘Aaah’ it is :))

  3. Swapna says:

    (pls delete the earlier comment: I goofed up my own website :-) just for the other’s sake…)

    I like this…the poetry in your words…

    Or maybe…it is because my best writing is a blank page which I tried so hard not to mar…:-)


  4. Thanks swapna. You sound familiar. Do I know you?

    You write very well. so hope there are no blank pages for you ever.
    best wishes