Are We Human Yet?

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Poetry
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We surrendered our freedom

Mounting the steps to gallows

Slaughtered it all endlessly

Hedonism and damnation

Skepticism with mockery

Quarantined thoughts and souls

Egregious follies carrying us too

Condemned to mechanic lives

Exerting to its sways pitifully

Razing lives for religion

Raping innocent apostles

Stampeding to see the divine

Bombing and blasting through

Euphemized pains that linger

Perfectly remorseless journeys

Tirelessly vengeful and alive

Are we human yet?





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For #Onestoppoetry


  1. Tony Single says:

    You really capped off a potent poem with those last two lines there. Indeed, are we human yet? In some ways it seems that the more we try, the less we become so. This was a timely read.

  2. moondustwriter says:

    So many ways we have become inhuman
    loved the line quarantined thoughts and souls
    your poem makes the statement loud and clear

    thanks for the sobering One Shot – Moondustwriter

  3. Kavita says:

    Tight, sad and so so true… As to the answer to the question you have posed, I suppose your poem itself answers it all too well.. :(
    Very well written, Suja… You know, I wrote a poem during the day today, and it happens to be very similar to yours.. and so when I read your poem now, I was in a state of mild shock actually! But in any case, I will post my poem in a couple of days.. yet to find an appropriate picture for it..

  4. Neva, thank you for stopping by. Good to see you.

    Thank you Tony for coming over and for liking.

    Leslie thank you for reading and for the thoughts too.

    Kavitha, thank you for reading & liking it too. Happy to see you. Do go ahead and put up your poem. If it is similar thoughts it’s because ‘great minds think alike’. Hope you find a picture for it soon. :)

  5. Suja, this is fabulous. Great One Shot! Love and Light, Sender

  6. a great write..thanks for sharing pete

  7. Thank you senderupwords for stopping by and liking it too.

    Thanks Pete for liking. Great to see you here.

  8. Steve Isaak says:

    Now, if you’d only write about something MEANINGFUL. ;p

    Excellent, sharp.

  9. Thanks Steve…that’s a good idea :)