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Danger on the streets mom

You didn’t tell me

They slick you and throw you

Out in the wild

I was only a kid when they stole me

Of my dreams

They got me to join them soon

Gone to hell in a day

Its today they said or never

You left me no choice mom

You said you will live

You said you will stick around

But you weren’t there

They did you in and threw you out

On the dusty streets

To pick up the pieces and walk

You said you couldn’t

Not today or tomorrow

I learnt to walk on my own mom

I limped and crawled

Wherever my feet carried me to

I cried for days

I wanted to be normal that’s all

But fate didn’t let me

Infernal is my existence here

I pray and I seek

The dusty streets are all I have


Pic : Internet

For Onestoppoetry