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That Something

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Non-Fiction
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You know how when you are traveling around town and find yourself unwittingly in situations either being the spectator, the observer or you might be the witness and the party to some unforseen circumstance.

 You wake up in the morning not realizing how your day is going to turn out. Nonetheless, you wear a smile and step out into the streets, a beam of light coursing through your veins, light headed and singing a tune that just entered your head and refuses to go away.

 You look around the milling crowd, scanning your eyes searching for that one forget-me-not moment that you can store in your mind’s eyes. You know it is out there somewhere. There is always that one moment that you will cherish. Like the saying goes a lily blooms in dirty waters. If you just look around it will stand out, something that re-enforces the thought that goodness in life exists.

 It is not dead.

 Very much alive…

A.R.Rahman & Dido- If I Rise -Song