Kirmeera Vadham with Ninam – Kathakali

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BCKA join hands with Kairalee Kalasamithi to present a Kathakali performance

“Kirmeera Vadham” with *Ninam* performed for the first time in Bangalore

On Saturday  7th January 2012, 5.30 PM At Kairalee Nilayam Auditorium, Vimanapura.

 The Pandavas accompanied by Draupadi were forced to live in the forest after they were defeated by the Kauravas in a game of dice. When they were in the forest Arjuna kills rakshasa Shardula angering the demon’s wife Simhika who tries to abduct Draupadi. Draupadi is rescued by Sahadeva who disfigures Simhika. This makes Kirmira who is Simhika’s brother very angry. He eventually gets killed by Bhima after a fight.

 Scene 1: Simhika’s Thiranottam : Simhika is waiting for her husband who went to the forest to hunt for meat. She is worried about the delay. Hearing the news about his death she is very upset and angry and plans to take revenge. She disguises as a beautiful damsel Lalitha.

 Scene 2: The beauty of the forest is described by Lalitha to Draupadi. Simhika in disguise as Lalitha lures Draupadi to the forest when she is all alone. Draupadi gets frightened and says she wants to go back home. Simhika then assumes her true form and takes her away. Her loud cries are heard by Sahadeva the youngest of the Pandavas who fights Simhika and cuts her nose and breasts. He rescues Draupadi.

 Scene 3 : Kirmira Thiranottam: Kirmeera the brother of Simhika is very angry when he hears about his brother-in-laws death. He hears a loud noise and sees an ugly and bleeding form coming towards him who is his Simhika. Ninam comes from behind the audience with cut nose and breasts, blood over flowing. She comes with two people supporting her.

*Ninam* represents the navarasas bheebhalsa and fear with blood and gore, often frightening and revolting in appearance in classical forms. This is a very difficult act to perform unless the actor is very versatile. The ‘rakshasi’ is ninam in the stories. The process of preparing for Ninam takes 3-4 hours. The artist wears 24 meters of cloth and when soaked with the prepared blood becomes 42 kilos to carry.  

 She shows her wounds to Kirmeera. He pacifies her and promises to punish all the Pandavas. Kirmeera challenges the Pandavas. Bhima takes up the challenge and in the encounter with Kirmeera, kills him.

Artists :  Simhika : Kalamandalam Hari R Nair, Lalitha : Kalamandalam Anilkumar, Panchali : Kalamandalam Vaishakh, Sahadevan & Bheeman : Kalamandalam Prashanth,  Kirmeeran : Kalamandalam Ravikumar,    Vocal : Kalamandalam Harish & Kalamandalam Vinod, Chenda: Kalamandalam Venu & Kalamandalam Ravishankar, Maddlam : Kalamandalam Vineeth & Kalanilayam Rakesh, Chutti : Kalamandalam Balan,  Aniyara :  Shaji, Arun, Chinosh, Chamayam : Kalatharangini, Cheruthuruthi.


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