Autumn of Dreams

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Philosophical musings
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Remember those nights
of verve and desire

Shedding then mulling over

Our ecstasies and the oeuvre

I ran ahead of you bare feet, dreams-

  Shredding and floating behind

She sat by the pool, her hair cascading by her side; her demeanor of chagrin and petulance. He had left and there was nothing to be. The sun played truant just as her fleeting thoughts wandered around aimlessly. The glistening aura around her invited the butterflies gently swooping down to catch a glimpse.

Silent footsteps in the corridors of her mind ; now a distant shadow flitting away into the darkness. She stared at the infinity pool wondering why they called it so. Was it timeless as her memories were?

Daring her, Serenading her, beguiling with its charm- letting her surrender when she couldn’t .

An autumn of her dreams…


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