Dignity of Women

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Her crime?  She was a woman and that was enough reason to make her vulnerable to repeated onslaughts right from her birth. She didn’t walk around with a placard asking for any of the abuse or rape. Just the fact that she is a woman the weaker sex; one who needs to be servile, trampled upon and constantly reminded that her place is within the four walls of a home or confined to a bed where she ought to please on demand.

Fairer sex they say and sing paeans in her name but brutalizing her all the same; taking out their libido on an unsuspecting,innocent victim- who might have walked out into the street like any other day.

Her womb for rent, her body for rent and her honor hung from a tree in a matter of seconds. She thus wanders around sanctified by some raising on pedestals and sullied by others as their wanton lust demands.

She straddles the two worlds of hearth and work hoping to achieve whatever she can in the span of her life, braving the elements and fighting her way through the forest of torments.

May she be immortalized for her valor, her divinity and dignity, nothing less !

(A prayer to the Delhi victim of rape and countless others.)



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