Carnival of Dreams

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Fictional stories

Carnival of bodies and minds it was. Jostling through the crowd, elbowing my way around I found myself in a veritable pot-pourri of decadence and unabashed exhibitionism of all that one had; wearing it on their sleeve- nothing mysterious left.
Transfixed I watched the night crowd as it weaved its way in the autumn air, swirling around, carrying the passions of the multitude, swallowing everythingunpleasant coming in its way and devouring any smallest hint of cynicism.
Supercilious glances caught me unaware as I ambled on looking for that familiar face in the crowd, that easy smile leading to a dimpled chin and a taciturn demeanour.
Like a half-forgotten memory wisp, the glory of that dalliance came floating in making me catch my breath and hold it there.
Snatches of conversation floated in around me but didn’t register anywhere in my mind as I wandered looking for that face that had transfixed me in its aura a long time back.
The drone of chattering, laughter, moaning and screaming rolled around- ebbing and flowing like a great tidal wave. The moon stood out brighter than usual and led me on like a guiding light. He couldn’t be far away.
Under the street lamp, with his back to the crowd he stood blowing his cigarette, the wisp of smoke curling up and hanging there in silence, waving a smoke signal. Nothing around him seemed to faze him. He didn’t care who came and went; who stayed or left and who sought him or not, in the carnival. His was a world of his own, nurtured in a way that included only him and his air of ‘self’ that hung around him; tethered to his indulgent mind. Absolved of reciprocation and its pangs he stood there and just waited to be sought. As I watched from a distance the carnival got louder. I waited for him to turn around and begin a long conversation that would stretch into the night, as the stars winked on and the night air became heavier with anticipation.
The swirling smoke above his head hid him in its opaqueness. As I crossed the road and made my way between the sea of people, I lost sight of the smoke and him leaning against the lamp. My eyes wandered around searching, hoping and waiting. I was swept away by the crowd and he was nowhere.
I held my breath.
I awoke.
The dream was gone…


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