Organized Chaos?

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

You place marbles on a board, tightly packed and remove one from the pack and move around the rest in the board watching them all shoving and bumping into each other. Quite random a motion it seems trying to fit into that empty space claiming ownership of that little area that just belonged to someone else. At some point it could also be construed as a dynamic equilibrium since the empty space is filled up only to let the neighboring spot free which immediately gets filled up by another. Quantum physics was never my forte. I was referring to traffic chaos.So between the two it is hard to pick the right one that fits the physics of the concept but seriously all we need to do is put 4 signal lights at an intersection and watch the whole plot collapse since that would add an extra variable and lead to confusion from pre-determined movements.

What used to be a random motion will get too organized and the resulting scenario would be unpredictable and an invitation to death. When a system is so used to flowing naturally taking its own course, throwing a spanner in the spokes of the wheel is catastrophic and insane. For Example a traffic signal!Some systems are not very equipped to handle such organized flows since they are used to the ‘Chaos Theory’ right from the word GO; as in acquired learning and reflexes. And along the way subtle sensory notes are picked up to keeps it that way without messing up the wired memories enabling them to extricate themselves out of the clutter. So may be signal lights aren’t the way to go.Place a policeman instead. But chances are that he may get run over by the very same traffic he is trying to streamline. He might also get dismembered by the street racers for who getting from the START to FINISH is very important and not the means of getting there. Who said ‘it’s the journey and smelling the roses that is important and not just the destination’?An occasional cow or a mangy dog that escapes the confines of the pound or the doghouse could very well be the ‘speed check’ not to mention those life threatening speed bumps that are meant to break your back and not the speed. Occasionally one might get thrown out of the vehicle one is riding in/on. But that’s OK after all we are a very enduring species with nine lives.

Traffic rules are meant to be broken and are not for the dynamic ‘man on the go’. He has promises to keep and places to go. The laggards can follow traffic rules. After all they are the ‘slow-mo’ who haven’t been able to keep up with our dynamic changing economy and fast paced life.So while I am deep in meditation waiting for an epiphany- figuring out the chaos theory of Bangalore traffic, life goes on…


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