Posted: September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

End of times as we see it and a new beginning far away in the distant hills, one with nature where nothing gets distorted and everything is as it seems; where love with nature is uncomplicated with unlimited boundaries. No picket fences holding the sublime thoughts.
The stillness in that quietude is in harmony with the distant skies and the sea in its turquoise blue, beckoning the soul. How can I wish upon you those beauteous thoughts that will carry you through your moments in harmony, hoping the gentleness of life holds you in its embrace.
Let there be no more anonymous influence as you find yourself yet again while you wait patiently for tides to crash and retreat. If i could be just that one wave that could crash- engulfing and sweeping you away into a destiny that could be cherished then I would. I would sprinkle stars in your way. But since it is written in the sky that there is no wishing star and that it cannot be expunged as easily I smile and say farewell to those dreams and to you…



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