Faraway Places

Posted: September 25, 2017 in Uncategorized


A lone figure silhouetted against the setting sun. She seemed oblivious to changes in time.

The sky changing from burnt sienna to blood red had riveted her attention. It was as if time stood still. Her gaze steady. Her mind averred to who she was and her thoughts miles away in faraway places.

She knew she was alive in the moment, in the lap of nature where she felt most at home.

An observer would have imagined it a figure carved in stone and placed there by a gentle sculptor not knowing she would be so much part of the vista painted on the canvas.

There was an inner peace that settled over her body, mind and soul. She was in a happy place.

Just as the birds in formation flew over her- as if to remind her it was time to go home, she snapped out of her reverie and stood up. Her lithe form bowed gracefully to the beautiful theatre in front of her. Her flowing clothes swished behind her as she walked down the rocky surface barefoot, feeling the earth.

A lone figure who appeared and disappeared with fluidity and ease with no encumbrances in its way.

She was whole!



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