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He finishes off her sentences. The ones she leaves hanging in the air.
A comfortable silence ensues and they use the floor space without stepping on each other’s toes.
Words said and unsaid hang around, then drop to the floor silently.
Drapes are pulled aside letting the shimmering grains of sun, slant across into the room.
He picks up the paper, scans the headlines and tosses it on the table. Nothing sustains his interest for long.
She picks up her crocheting, lacing in the knots and crosses, lost in thought.
Two bodies, one house and two minds wrapped up in their own celluloid flashbacks and time spent, counting minutes and then not counting at all.
Days and nights pass on.
The breath that sustains is comforting to each other and a solace as the days go by…



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The closed room, a whirring fan spinning tepid air in a circle first, then into a whirlwind as the hot air rises up from haranguing humans. I am zoning in and out, the mind processing some and letting go few notes which seemed to collide with the solid walls that has boxed us in.

I watch in lazy fascination the boomerang of syllables falling in a pile on the table in front of us. So many words, so many thoughts exploding like projectiles, then gathering on the floor like hailstones, a few feathers here and there among them maybe.

I was taken gently by my thoughts, leading me away from the cacophony; and they opened the windows to that effulgent being who had stoked my imagination, cavorting dangerously with my mind, guiding me on to the path that few may have walked- before me.

Forces beyond me draped them lovingly around me, warming my soul and smiling blithely in its shade. I knew it was transient and as all spells are, they would get wiped out by reality.

Such is the power of a thought; it takes one through the journey, engulfing one in its simplicity and assuring one that matters of the heart are as light as a feather when allowed to settle in, while unsettling the equanimity.

It was the most beautiful feeling- one that can be wished upon the living in all its brilliance. Those too eventually will fall in a heap without diminishing their essence.

They make me smile even when the air is stale and has distanced me from the rest of the people who are there – making a sound that I see but don’t hear.

The room had fallen quiet and I hadn’t noticed.

They were looking at me and waiting for an answer. I don’t seem to have one.

I was re-living my cherished moments in the wrong place, at odd times…

In silence…