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‘Have I told you I have never been the same since you touched my soul,’ she said smiling. Reticent she may be but silence sings, let alone speaks. She knew it is not often that winds of change sweep in engulfing and swirling- leaving a world that is so upside down that one looks every which way to find if the web was cast as an illusion or reality still hung around.

She walked into the labyrinth with trepidation, knowing that once entered there was no way out.  She knew it eons ago that there was a wisp of her that was lost, waiting to be found and replaced- just as an artist knows what the missing color in the palette is. She wanted her skies painted with the colors that he offered. He would pick the brightest in his collection or the mellow if she wanted.

She walked in seeking the azure, for she knew in its calm and peace she would find a sense of belonging, wanting to be so much a part of his canvas that she stood still as he drew the lines. The sensations as he breathed life into her were far beyond anything she knew.  Vibrant.

Time stood still. Transient as it was, it seemed like eternity. She walked away leaving bits of her behind but taking with her the missing piece she sensed was part of her being now.  It could not be erased. The door closed behind her. He stood in silence, the brush dripping paint.

The painting hung on the wall as viewers walked past, tarrying a bit in studied silence, wondering what the swirl of colours stood for,  evocative it was in its own way.

It was destiny’s handiwork.


Picture: Internet


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