Indulgence is  writing,  reading,  photography,  music,  nature,  outdoors  &  social work. 

Enjoys  documenting Life with words and pictures.

Short Stories published in the following


  1. sunil kumar says:

    Delighted to see the contents. Wish one and all a
    Merry X,mass and Happy New Year-One time Indian
    Express, Hyderbad(India) staff.

  2. Thanks chetta..happy to see you here..an ex-Indian express employee inaugurated my page..Shall put up more..
    XMas wishes to you and the family too..

  3. meera8san says:

    Hey Suja, Good to see you here. Just started here :-)

  4. Meera..what a surprise..Is that you? Happy to see you here..was missing you around for sure :) Thanks!

  5. Venkatesh. Thanks a bunch for stopping by :)

  6. sridhar says:

    hi suja,

    got here from your suls page. Wonderfully constructed site; Good compilation of the pics and articles.

  7. Sridhar, very happy to see you here and thanks for the appreciation too. Do drop by anytime.
    Best wishes

  8. Dagny says:


    Just landed on your pages… am browsing around. :)


  9. Thanks Dagny for landing here and browsing around too. Good to see you here :)

  10. Vikram Karve says:

    I loved your fiction short stories.
    Beautifully narrated.
    all the best

  11. Suja says:

    Thanks Vikramji for stopping by here. Happy you liked the stories too.
    Best wishes

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