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Wringing out her rainbows
colors dripping on the floor
she mopped and tossed them
back into the river…

Drying out her silken sheets
dreams wafting up to the sun
she folded and wrapped them
in the closets of life…

Chanting aloud wedding vows
leap of faith, in a bed for two
she smiled and embraced
then left him pining…

She sings alone; so they say.


Finished reading Gilliam Flynn’s Gone Girl. Phew! What a book. Well written. Held my interest till the end. . Takes the fact “There are two sides to every story’ to the edge, taking the reader into the nitty gritty of their life, as a voyeuristic journey ensues, and
it all unravels….Recommend it to book lovers

On to SL Bhyrappas new book ‘Yaana’ released recently. It’s the first Kannada novel of which 15,000 copies in two editions were sold on the first day. Reading a Kannada book after ages in its original brushing up my Kannada in the process



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End of times as we see it and a new beginning far away in the distant hills, one with nature where nothing gets distorted and everything is as it seems; where love with nature is uncomplicated with unlimited boundaries. No picket fences holding the sublime thoughts.
The stillness in that quietude is in harmony with the distant skies and the sea in its turquoise blue, beckoning the soul. How can I wish upon you those beauteous thoughts that will carry you through your moments in harmony, hoping the gentleness of life holds you in its embrace.
Let there be no more anonymous influence as you find yourself yet again while you wait patiently for tides to crash and retreat. If i could be just that one wave that could crash- engulfing and sweeping you away into a destiny that could be cherished then I would. I would sprinkle stars in your way. But since it is written in the sky that there is no wishing star and that it cannot be expunged as easily I smile and say farewell to those dreams and to you…
Here I go….


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Nestling, among the cotton fields; their white wispy strands floating around caressing her gentle soul, she lay down to rest- her sun kissed face looking above at the brilliance of a magic spreading eastward; its red streaks leaving their imprints on the sky. It was how they found her the next day at cotton harvesting. The smile hadn’t left her face they said. She was one with the place she sought, after leaving a million smiles behind touching mortals the way she liked to. Hers was a story she took along with her into the red earth. That is how she wanted it in the end, they said…


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Intractable solitude
silence of the mind
delving into its depths
foraging for lost pages
& words that got wedged
between a sigh and a smile…


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The night sky with its moon, the deathly quiet of the arid fields, filling one with a foreboding that something waits to break asunder.
The scribble of the pen on the white echoes in my little yellow space, I wonder what the outpouring onto those pages are; running at breakneck speed ahead of my thoughts, forgetting the comma and the period. 
Moments of silence my only punctuation…thinking I may be encroaching into your space, pushing open the doors into that mind and looking for what exactly?
So I turn inward and wander in my own spaces finding the thoughts that tumbled out impulsively once.
Its me, words and the quiet night in Tango until the dawn breaks…

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