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The 3rd Annual Indian Music and Dance Festival in San Diego

A crowd of around 4,600 people joined in one of the biggest celebrations of Indian Classical Music and Dance festival, over four days, organized by the Indian Fine Arts Academy of San Diego, making it a very successful event. This year the event was organized in a much larger scale by the Indian Fine Arts Academy of San Diego, with the invitation of over 28 artists from India, 11 artists from the US and 88 children participating in the festival. The enthusiasm and participation of the artists and the patrons added to the festive atmosphere that pervaded the David and Dorothea Garfield Theater in La Jolla for four days from March 25th to the 28th.


Raj Sundareshan the President of IFAA and Dr. Shekar Vishwanathan the Secretary of IFAA welcomed the audience.

 “We are proud to present 28 artists from India. The patronage we have received  has enabled us to have a longer program this year and we are hoping all will enjoy the next four days what we have lined up for them. In addition we also have fine Indian food representing different parts of India, served during the course of the events.”

 The program was officially open by Dr. Vilayanur.S.Ramachandran the Padma Bhushan recipient and Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at the UCSD, California. “India is a treasure house of music and culture and I would like to dispel some of the stereotyping that is seen in the Western world regarding the abundance of snake charmers and elephants. Our contributions to the world are innumerable,” he said and went on to present a remarkable slide-show and brief lecture on the evolving Indian culture and music.

 The events were set in motion with a remarkable Sitar recital by Kartik Seshadri who is a disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar. He also heads the Indian Classical Music program at UCSD.

U. Shrinivas and his brother U. Rajesh performed for the first time together on stage in front of a capacity audience of around 550 people, who had flocked to watch them; leaving only leg-room in the auditorium. “I was waiting to see the performances and longing to see U. Shrinivas and his brother U. Rajesh perform here,” said an excited Sudha Prabha.

People were treated to four days of wonderful performances by stalwarts in their respective fields; such as Injikudi Subramaniam and his wife Chitra Subramaniam performing as a couple for the first time with their Nadaswaram. Trichur Ramachandran, Gayathri Venkataraghavan, Manasi Prasad, Pantalu Rama engaged the audience with their vocal performances.

The flute ensemble by R.Thiagarajan and T. Suresh accompanied by Nagai Muralidaran on the violin, Guruvayoor dorai on Mridangam and E.M Subramaniam on Ghatam was the highlight of the evening on 26th March; perfection in unison and the melodious compositions had the audience captivated.

88 children, the students of Sri. C.M Venkatachalam and Smt. Revathi Subramaniam of San Diego, adorned the stage with their youthful presence, delivering a vocal performance that had the audiences applauding on their feet.

 In addition to classical instruments and vocal performances there were also excellent dance recitals by Odissi dancers led by Guru Yudhistir Nayak, Patnaik sisters and S. Gollamudi and a Bharatanatyam performance by Uma Suresh  and Priya Ramesh

Sherri. S. Lightner, the Council member, District 1 issued the proclamation “I am delighted to be here and make the proclamation to the academy, that this Council of the City of San Diego, for and behalf of the people, in appreciation of the IFAA’s annual cultural gift of the Indian Music and dance festival, declare March 25 through March 28, 2010 to be “Indian Music and Dance festival 2010 days,” in the city of San Diego.

A moment of triumph and celebration for all the hard work and efforts put in by the IFAASD academy making it a successful event.

In addition several well-known stalwarts in the field of Music and dance were felicitated for their efforts in popularizing Indian classical arts. Cleavland Balu, Dr. Coimbatore Krishnarao Prahlad, Kunhiraman and Katherine Kunhiraman, Padma Kutty, C.M. Venkatachalam, V.V. Sundaram and Joseph Saval of the National University were recognized for their contributions.

 Published In Indian Express-West coast edition