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Coiled Circles

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Poetry
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Coiled in circles

unwind and let go

those chains that bind you

freeing  spirits and thoughts

feel the sand trickle through your toes


Rolled in knots

straighten those threads

those fetters that hold you

freeing  laughter you keep in

feel the smile break,  dance on your face…



Posted: August 2, 2011 in Poetry
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Faith as it stands

stormy on the shore, shaken

rising in defiance

hourglass of time, broken

believing rebirth

praying hymns, incantation

cleansing the soul

surrendering self, divination



Two Sides of Me

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Poetry
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You and me,

bound by a legacy

a whisper, a touch

sweet serenade much

you see me not

years pass me by

yet you’ll remain

bound in mind

no escape for you

or for me, in this place

reaching out, falling down

stumbling through

deepest , darkest hour

don’t you see

it was written then

meaningless words

a rock to hold on

someday when I die

you will too

that’s how it is

two sides of me

it’s just you and me…


Posted: May 11, 2011 in Poetry
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Dropped, smothered and crushed

she lay cold on the beaten path

the last embers of the evening sun

caught her every singular sigh

shedding rain, washed her clean

as the wind swept her away

unnoticed she lay in the rut 

life as it ebbed away… 




Photo credit : Sabari’s Photostream

Safely Moored

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Poetry
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 Anchored sturdy upon the sand
Calm and safe that little boat
Quietly lies she in an inlet tonight
In the fading light of the eastern sky
She will catch the tide with morrow 
With no wild sea beyond her shores
We too in life are proved and tried
Some ride out while others fail
Reaching for the harbor walls
Much before darkness falls
Safely moored…




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Danger on the streets mom

You didn’t tell me

They slick you and throw you

Out in the wild

I was only a kid when they stole me

Of my dreams

They got me to join them soon

Gone to hell in a day

Its today they said or never

You left me no choice mom

You said you will live

You said you will stick around

But you weren’t there

They did you in and threw you out

On the dusty streets

To pick up the pieces and walk

You said you couldn’t

Not today or tomorrow

I learnt to walk on my own mom

I limped and crawled

Wherever my feet carried me to

I cried for days

I wanted to be normal that’s all

But fate didn’t let me

Infernal is my existence here

I pray and I seek

The dusty streets are all I have


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Urban Serengeti

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Poetry
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Walking down the streets of life

I take a turn first left, then right

I cross the street and run

Run some more faltering

The vertical boxes and

Zebra crossings, trapping me

And daring me…


Neon signs and halogen lamps

Casting shadows big and small

Just sitting by the sidewalk

Staring at cars whizzing by

Shouldn’t I be in one of them?

Just driving down the

Winding road…


Just me and my self

And a thousand thoughts

The music blaring and

Passing milestones

Just free as a bird

Taking me away, to a secret place

Away from this urban life…


Where life stands still

And time is just a frozen word

Where night blends into day

And stars shine with the sun

No questions asked

Nor answers sought



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