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We surrendered our freedom

Mounting the steps to gallows

Slaughtered it all endlessly

Hedonism and damnation

Skepticism with mockery

Quarantined thoughts and souls

Egregious follies carrying us too

Condemned to mechanic lives

Exerting to its sways pitifully

Razing lives for religion

Raping innocent apostles

Stampeding to see the divine

Bombing and blasting through

Euphemized pains that linger

Perfectly remorseless journeys

Tirelessly vengeful and alive

Are we human yet?





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They are but corridors

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Poetry
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Forever in Immortality

Freedom your door to escape

I am but the multitude taking on life

The pillars of strength often tall

Crumbling by the wayside and fall


Stories that I see and devour

In so many hues, oft-repeated moves

And cages of life more for some

Succumbing then sleep-walking

Wearing blinders, not seeing


Helping hand and a succor

Depleted of vigor and tired

You run seeking sanctuary

I follow being there and watching

The crowd swallows you sooner


An extended hand, you take

Then cocoon yourself to agony

Disappearing from humanity

Protecting your soul from vile

Your own master, holding the key


Shards of memories you step on

Bleeding and gasping for air

You are but one on the sidewalk

With nary a care, tortured inside

Seeking respite, benefaction too


 I see them through windows

And half open doors, pushing on

Serenading the mind, yet falling back

Taking recourse to death and tides

Life consumes and spits one out


Fight back and stay your ground

Not wounded and limping, silent

Call in the strength and the pillars too

Not letting go the light and the song

Take a detour and trod on fearless


They are but corridors you run through…